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I1d Jun 10, 2023

It turn out surprisingly good 

When I started reading although the starting was good and slow but after completely reading (catching up to release) I like this manhwa an now I am just eagerly waiting for next chapters

ANNAPOLIS Jun 15, 2023

Mind there are some slight spoilers here

In Infinite Mage I agree how nobles treat the commoners here is quite extreme, but I personally don’t mind it for the story. Anyways, in a nutshell it’s story about a very talented character learning magic, aspiring to be a mage.

I am enjoying the story as of now, cause not only he’s talented he’s also very hard-working. Not like characters who just master it the first time, you know.

He achieved them because of his willpower and his great efforts he put in, pouring his sweat into ’em. The recent arc where the race took in he self-studied and literally exhausted himself.

My only problem is the story of the world he’s living, there are still many mysteries, like why is there magic etc. Though I hope they’ll explain it later as the story goes. I personally am not really bothered.

The art’s great, the characters are pretty. I admit that what lured me to read this was the cover. The expressions are pushed that it tells what they feel, unlike many recent manhwas.

The colors are also good that it’s pleasing. The character designs are also great I can distinguish between characters just fine, maybe it’s too early to say because he’ll definitely encounter many more characters in the future. 

The characters are decent, I like them. The MC is very intelligent, but not the one like manipulative or anything. He’s sincere and ambitious, also caring.

I thought he’d desert his friend in the beginning, or give up and die for him lol. But he fought back and found his way.

Also the case with the parents, I thought he’d move on and just go on his dreams abandoning them. Which he didn’t, which surprises me cause I thought his dream of learning magic was the only thing that mattered, it’s not like we find these characters in many other reads too, you know. The one who said Amy Karmis ruined the story, I’m sure there’ll be a character development later. And it’s not like other manhwas are less annoying than she is, in fact they are way more annoying. 

I give this an 8/10 cause though it was good I didn’t love it that much. It wasn’t mediocre, but ain’t that good for a 10. I only liked it.

Reviewed at Chapter 38


anime is a Manga/Manhwa in (English/Raw) language, Action series, english chapters have been translated and you can read them on Yourdomain, This Summary is About

After Sirone was abandoned in a stable, he was found by a family of hunters and raised in a loving home.

Despite the hardships of the peasant life, he learned how to read from a young age and became obsessed with books, especially ones on the history of magic.

One day, he has an unlikely encounter with a mage and learns how to enter the "spirit zone," the first step to learning how to use magic.

Although they say only nobles can be mages, will Sirone be able to prove his infinite potential?

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